Handicaping Example

golfing image

Let's say that we have four golfers: Alex, Bob, Chris, and Dan, of various abilities who are in a competition against each other. Here are the players and their handicaps:

Alex 14.8
Bob 9.9
Chris 1.5
Dan 26.4

The course has the following slope and rating:

So, using the formulas above, here are their course handicaps (only the slope is used to determine the course handicap):

Alex 16
Bob 11
Chris 2
Dan 28

And, finally, here are their gross and their net scores:

Golfer Gross Net
Alex 91 75
Bob 86 75
Chris 74 72
Dan 99 71

Dan wins. He is the only one in the group who actually shot better than his handicap, so he deserved to win.